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Drug Myoma or myomas

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Myom or myomas treatment with herbal medicine

For those of you who have myom or myomas and were looking for a solution treatment or myomas myom naturally, here we provide some herbal remedies to overcome the problem myom or myomas.

The products above can be used as a pain medication myom or myomas are made of natural or herbal ingredients.

Myoma uteri (uterine myoma) is a benign tumor on the lining of the uterus. Also called uterine myomas, myom, uterine muscle tumor or fibroid tumors, because it comes from fibro tissue cells.

The number of patients is not known accurately because many do not feel the complaints so it is not immediately checked by a doctor, but it is estimated about 20-30% occur in women over the age of 35 years.

Originally myoma uteri diseases originate from smooth muscle of the uterus. Some theories say the growth of tumors caused by estrogen stimulation. On the network myom or myomas amount higher than the estrogen receptor content of muscle tissue (myometrium) myoma uteri surrounding so often grow faster in pregnancy (dilate of reproductive age) and usually reduced in size after menopause (decline in postmenopausal)

Often benign uterine cavity direction is enlarged and grew out of the mouth of the womb. Tumors in the uterus can grow more than one, felt like a chewy, round shape the size of the tumor. Weighing varied, ranging from a few grams, but can also reach 5 pounds or more.

Based on the location myoma uteri are divided into three types:


  •     Growth remained in the uterine wall
  •     Growth toward the uterine cavity
  •     Growth toward the surface of the wall of the uterus

Symptoms and signs

Most disease is discovered incidentally during a routine pelvic exam. The symptoms depend on the location and size of the tumor, but the most common are:


  •     Extensive and prolonged bleeding during menstruation or even outside the periods.
  •     The pain due to the pressure of tumors and tumor-desist terputarnya, as well as an infection in the uterus.
  •     Emphasis on organs around the tumor such as the bladder, ureter, rectum, or other pelvic cavity pepul, cause bowel movements and urinating, dilation of the veins in the pelvis, kidney due to swelling stalk ganggun tumor.
  •     Disorders difficult pregnancy due to the emphasis on channel indug eggs.
  •     At the bottom of the abdomen near the uterus feels springy.

Many times people feel pain from degenerated myoma or myomas excessive uterine contractions that grow into the uterine cavity. Couples often difficult to have children (infertility) caused interference with the tuba, impaired implantation in the endometrium, blockage, and so on.

Myoma uteri pregnancy may interfere with the effects in the form of the baby and placenta abnormalities, obstruction of the birth canal during contraction irahim weakness, profuse bleeding after childbirth and disorders detachment of the placenta, can even cause miscarriage.

Conversely, pregnancy can also affect aggravate myomas uteri. During pregnancy, myoma uteri tend to swell, and often also a change of the tumor that causes bleeding in the tumor causing pain. In addition, during pregnancy, to detour around the stem tumor.

Methods of handling

If the tumor is small and not growing, just do a routine every 3-6 months, while tumor reduction with GnRH analogue drugs, myomas have a firm capsule coating, can be separated / peeled from the tumor mass. If there were complications and bleeding arise, need to be given a blood transfusion and pain relieving drugs. Surgery is done if the tumor enlarges and presses when the symptoms and pain and bleeding continuously.

Surgery: a hysterectomy (removal of uterus) if there are no plans to conceive again, or myomectomy (lift miomnya only) at the age of reproduction / plan still pregnant. However, if the tumor mass is too large or broad, sometimes just do not allow removal of the tumor mass, so keep a hysterectomy.

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